Girls Night In Oatley

Next Thursday night is the now annual Girls Night In Oatley, an event to help raise awareness and funds for women's cancers.

This is an issue close to me and my family. My mother and grandmother both had breast cancer. While my grandmother passed away from the disease many years ago, my mum is a survivor, having had a mastectomy over 26 years ago.

I have also recently seen some close friends affected by breast cancer, so raising funds for cancer research is important to me.

This is why I have donated a swimsuit to Girls Night In Oatley, and another Girls Night In event run by a close friend of mine. I will also be attending the event for the first time. Last year, Beyond the Sea Swimwear made a donation, but I could unfortunately not attend. 

So, if you are able, support this worthy cause, either at the Oatley event, or another Girls Night In event in your local area.

To find out about GIrls Night In Oatley go to

Or to help in another way check out

I Heart Pink - Supporting those affected by Breast & Gynaecological Cancers

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